God Is Doing Something New!

The world is in a period of deep disruption. But be encouraged—there is great hope.

Colin Ferreira unpacks Scripture and shares his own compelling story to help expose deep religious deceptions and eye-opening mysteries which explain why we are where we are today while revealing a fuller understanding of identity.

If you think you have religion figured out, think again. Prepare to be part of a critical reformation within the Church leading to the greatest revival of our time!

If you think you have religion figured out, think again.

It seem like everything that can be shaken is being shaken today.

This disruption we are experiencing is not limited to the political and social arenas but also certainly happening within the Church. As a matter of fact, we are in this disruptive place because of the state of His Church. 

God is in the midst of it all working it for our good in His great wisdom. As a result of this severe shaking, false religious beliefs and structures are being exposed and dismantled. It is not a time for tweaking the old.

Jesus is once again overturning tables! Out of it all a reformed Church will arise filled with confident and powerful sons and daughters of God.

“For creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” Romans 8:19 NIV

In Disrupting Religion, Colin Ferreira uses Scripture to expose a web of deceptions and misconceptions used within Christianity that has made the Church anemic, fearful and almost powerless.

Colin walks readers through 4 questions:

  • Where Are We (and how on earth did we get here?)
  • Who is God….Really?
  • Who Are We?
  • What Do We Do Now?

Ready to walk in a deeper sense of peace, faith, and identity?

If you are frustrated with the poor cultural impact of Christianity and sense that there has to be a lot more to your Christian journey, this book is for you.

About Colin Ferreira

Colin Ferreira considers himself a regular and practical guy. He is a husband, father of nine children, and owner of a leading chain of optical stores in Trinidad and Tobago, but presently lives in Georgia, USA. 

For most of his Christian life, Colin served as a senior leader in the churches he attended. However, his passion to see the relevance of God in business led him to become a pioneer in marketplace ministry in the Caribbean region and beyond. 

Then, his quest to see God as he truly is thrust him unexpectedly down a completely different and challenging path. That experience resulted in a much clearer sense of identity as a Child of God and the book Disrupting Religion.

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